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Category: Humour

Steve Slavin

Fortune Cookies

Linda and Garret, friends without benefits, enjoy catching up over Chinese food. The fortune cookies are the best part.

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Coming of Age
Robert Douglas Friedman

A Buying Decision

The delicate balance in Douglas's household is tipped when his Dad buys him a condemned typewriter from the shyster Charlie Cheese.

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Coming of Age
James Morris

Trivial Pursuit

What has the Emperor Valerian, Aeschylus and Percy Bysshe Shelley got in common with a stockboy working in a cheap women's clothing warehouse in Philadelphia? Trivia, of course.

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Bruce Costello

Sex in Cyburbia

Dating has always been a fraught process, but now all you need is a computer to conjure up the perfect woman.

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Charlotte Edwards

Hairy Mann

A small hairy creature is found in the Black Forest. Is it the Missing Link?

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Paul A. Freeman

The Hit

His first job out of prison is to 'ruin Don Giovanni's life', so Paulo Cassini targets the crime boss's pretty wife Alice.

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Coming of Age
Nicky Catton

The Swot

Antonia is top of the class for everything, and does nothing but work, work, work.


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