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Category: Humour

Nicholas John

Out To Lunch

Alex takes his Dad out to lunch, only to realise that finally, the old man’s already there.

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Ray Carns

Yes You Can

No good deed ever goes unpunished, as Walt discovers when he lets a strange woman share his hotel room.

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Philip Miles


Jake’s boss, Yvonne, polices language more strictly than Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’. Jake can’t take it a moment longer.

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Josh Rank

The Tooth Fairy

Jonathan is babysitting little livewire Billy Silverton, just so he can take Rachel to the homecoming dance. He didn't bank on being the Tooth Fairy.

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Bob Beach

The Reunion

Luke finds out at his 20 year reunion that Darby Willette had a crush on him in high school. How different his life would have been…

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