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Short Stories


‘‘What should we do with the body?’ A hypothetical question, ladies and gentlemen,’ the state’s attorney intoned as he stood in front of the jury box. ‘Yet I am convinced it is very close to exactly

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Fostering Hope

The trolley creaked and moaned under a mound of books, CDs and Audiobooks as I wheeled it down the echoing corridor. I halted beside an imposing metal door and thumped a hardback against its shiny surface.

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“Jane?” I am using the landline. Some things – family dramas, for instance, real or imagined – do not lend themselves to FaceTime. “Yes.” “Do you have a moment?” “Yes.” “Have you been to the grave

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By The Lake In France

The second day he saw the woman walking her dog by the lake, Brock nodded at her and smiled as they approached each other. She nodded in return, and he wondered if she remembered him from

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My Blue Period

I get into football in the months after Rick left me. A single mum with two boys, I’m glad for something we can do together. We sit cuddled up together on the settee, watching Match of

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Mr Duck

The duck followed me home. Not a dog. Not a cat. A duck. I heard him before I saw him, a cheerful “pwuk wuk wuk wuk?” behind me on the country road. I’d begun to take

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