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Category: Humour

Paul Lees-Haley

Fire In The Hole

Meet the Cantrells, a clan that has no truck with government and does all its business in cash.

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Christopher Fielden

Death of a Superhero

Death is just getting on with his job, but the person he's trying to process is dressed in a Batman suit, and is being a little awkward.

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Mary Alexander

Christmas Eve

John left Clare for Eliza, so isn't it wonderfully civilised of them all to be able to come together on Christmas Eve?

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Kryspin Parys

The Very End

At a pub quiz with their neighbours one minute, then suddenly wandering hand in hand in summer countryside.  Fiona and Donald are having an odd day.

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Stefania Hartley

The Right Girl

No love is stronger than the love of an Italian mother… especially for her son.  Which sucks if you’re his wife.

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GL Sheridan

Who’s A Pretty Boy, Then?

Dermot's packed off to buy sausages by his bossy wife, who is obsessed with her ridiculous parrot. He has no idea just how close he will get to the stupid bird.

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Kate Franklin

Ursa Mater

Janet reads an extract of her story, 'Ursa Mater' to her academic feminist writing group, who can't get their heads around the simplicity of the tale.

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Miriam A Averna

End Trails

A girl is persuaded to do a 5k zombie race by her friend Gemma… are Gemma's motives entirely pure?

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