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Submission guidlines

Submission guidelines:

– Please email your stories as word docs to, with the word ‘SUBMISSION’ in the title.

– Stories of all genres welcome, except writing for children. Simultaneous submissions are welcome and we don’t insist on exclusives – you are perfectly free to place your work elsewhere.

– Minimum 1,000 words preferred.  Guideline maximum:  10,000 words.

Please feel free to send a reminder email if you haven’t heard back within a month or two.

FORMATTING: Great stories are always welcome, but they will be especially so if they arrive in plain font (such as Times New Roman, Ariel or Courier) with an indent at the beginning of each paragraph (except the first) and with a gap between paragraphs. Double or 1.5 spacing preferred.  Please place the following at the end of your story:


© [Your Name] 

Thanks for sending in your stories.