The Duke

Post-divorce, Mel has to risk further heartbreak for her children by having her beloved dog Duke put down.  Then her ex sticks his oar in…


Here and Now

Jamie’s trashy boyfriend comes up with a solution to dealing once and for all with her overbearing mother.


The Supermarket Marriage

A relationship is reflected by the venue of the weekly shop, and the contents of the trolley.


Time To Go

Little Rory has to leave his mother and his home and doesn't understand why.


The Butcher of Peckham

Ex-policeman Dickie gets a bit suspicious when butcher Sorin's employees begin to disappear.


Destiny is a Game

While enjoying a night in with his young sexy wife, Dom gets a message:  Destiny is a Game.  Take control of yours.


Leaving Rapid City

Shunned for loving another girl, Sandy has to escape from her life in Rapid City.


Seline and the Seance

Seline's friend Senga suggests they go to a seance.  What's a seance and will there be snacks? she asks.


Running the Asylum

Marvin volunteers to be a target for the gun lobby.  Survival means a cool 50 big ones.  The alternative is obvious, but he's got nothing to lose.


Reductio ad Absurdum

The President of the US of A finds a magic lamp with a genie inside it.  Like all genies, it will do whatever he wants.