The Cauldron

A Canadian hiker stumbles upon the remains of an old Scottish village, and meets a woman, a lost soul who can only speak Gaelic.


An Ideal Marriage

A saga of a dysfunctional English family culminates in taking elderly Aunt Kath and Uncle Henry for a posh dinner.


Holes and Other Things

A couple of gravediggers unwittingly release Lord Bowden from his earthly slumber, and have to break some awful news to him.


The Years in Between

Hayley has left the past behind and lives in the Outback with her husband and son.  The man she expected never to see again suddenly appears, with a new family in tow.


Cold Feet

Cathy is plagued by unwelcome fantasies involving Andrew, her fiance's best man, on her wedding day.



The last natural bee is on its last legs, but it's fine, coz there's a new range of robo bees.  Real cool little dudes.


Don’t Fluster Your Mandibles

Elizabeth is bored to tears working for the Job Centre, then one day she get a new client, a giant praying mantis without any qualifications.


By George

George's Saturday night takes an unexpected turn when he takes a short cut through the churchyard and falls into an open grave.


Sold As Seen

An online dating ad reels in some new hopefuls, one or two of dubious credibility, and… an ex.