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Category: Realism

Coming of Age
TWG Fraser

The Carp Pond

The civil war is pretty distant to this child. Then it arrives on her doorstep, and she has to fight to the death to survive.

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Adrienne Silcock

Queen of the Park

Elderly Mary is a reluctant witness to an exchange in the playground.  She finally determines to make a stand.

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Lucy Bignall

Mince Pies For Mr Jackson

Brown Owl tells the girls to remember the lonely in their Christmas celebrations.  Gemma thinks of her neighbour, Mr Jackson.

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K.B. Carle

Gone Fishing

Helen's father is supposed to be watching her while her mother is at bible study, but her Uncle Dolly has a job for her…

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Tom Ray

The Last of Salinger

The new fellow in the old folks' home catapults Hazel back to an incident in the past she'd rather never think about again.

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Dawn Lowe


Gary gets a call that his Dad is dead, but that can't be right… Saturday, he unclogged his toilet.

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Peter Mills

The Holy Land

Belfast, 1972.  Two girls go into town for a shopping trip, and have tea and scones in the Abercorn.

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