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Category: Realism

David DeGusta

There Were Russians

Cody, a bank security guard in a Texas border town, gets the chance to earn an easy five grand. What could possibly go wrong?

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Coming of Age
David Phelps

Martin’s Flood

Martin’s father takes him swimming in the river. He’s disappointed that his sister and her friend will be coming along too.

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Matthew Hornsby

The Birdwatcher

Craig is after the perfect shot of a short eared owl. What he finds in the woods is a good deal more sinister.

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Bill Trippe

Airport Run

Retired Jack does the early morning airport pick-ups and smokes a little weed at night; but comfortable routines can be shattered.

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Brittany Smith

One Month Sister

Clarice's parents take in a foster child. She's only supposed to stay a few weeks, a month at the most.

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Coming of Age
Beverly Black

The Swinging Tree

“Does Mom really expect me to wear a tie to the funeral of a kid who hung himself?” I slapped Steve on the back of

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Mari Ellis Dunning


The kids have seen the demand letters. They know the truth about their 'camping holiday'.

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