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Category: Realism

Graham Hubbard


Katie sees a nurse about her condition, which is neither acute nor serious, and is nothing to worry about.

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Hermine Robinson

Storm Warning

A storm's coming, but Kelli has to get dog food… and beer.  God help her if Darrell runs out.

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Paul Lees-Haley

Fire In The Hole

Meet the Cantrells, a clan that has no truck with government and does all its business in cash.

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Paul Petruccelli


“Do the right thing,” is this lawyer's mantra. But this time, obeying the law means ruining lives.

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Coming of Age
Rasmenia Massoud

Melody’s Fire

If you asked Melody why she burnt down her stepfather's camper van, she'd tell you. But no one asks.  Ever.

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