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Category: Historical

Paul A. Freeman

The Hit

His first job out of prison is to 'ruin Don Giovanni's life', so Paulo Cassini targets the crime boss's pretty wife Alice.

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Lloyd Raleigh

The Last Dawa

Karamchand, the last man of the foot-post, has to wait until fate deems it time for him to find a new love.

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K.B. Carle

Gone Fishing

Helen's father is supposed to be watching her while her mother is at bible study, but her Uncle Dolly has a job for her…

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John Bowyer

From The School House Window

Lottie lives alone in the school with the ever watchful teacher. The other children have gone home, says the teacher, because they have mothers and fathers who love them, and she, Lotties does not.

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Peter Mills

The Holy Land

Belfast, 1972.  Two girls go into town for a shopping trip, and have tea and scones in the Abercorn.

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