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Category: Crime/Detective

Paul A. Freeman

The Hit

His first job out of prison is to 'ruin Don Giovanni's life', so Paulo Cassini targets the crime boss's pretty wife Alice.

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Nicky Catton

Long Shadows

Post uni exams, Kate is chilling out in front of the telly, when she gets the feeling that perhaps she isn't alone in the house after all.

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Peter Tickler

A Face From The Past

Private dick Alec bumps into an old girlfriend who has a score to settle with the man who framed her husband.  He is drafted in to help…

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Roger Silverwood

The Tollington Ghost

Holmes and Watson are invited to investigate the death of Mr. Wellington Pinchbeck, at the hands of the… Tollington Ghost!

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Edward McDermott

Back from the Grave

A PI is hired by an insurance giant to prove that a dead man is still alive. Something's off, but what?

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Penny Kline

Chocolate, Cheese & Citrus Fruit

Devoted husband Don takes such good care of Viv, cursed by migraine.  Such an affliction can have its uses… as their visitor is unwise enough to point out.

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