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Category: Crime/Detective

Lee Wykes


A lifelong friendship between two chess grandmasters goes wrong.

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Peter Tickler

Death Changes Things

Maureen is outraged when a detective comes to 'ask a few questions' about her husband's suicide three years previously.

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Sally Cope


A woman lies dying on the side of the motorway following a vicious attack.  Will she be found in time?

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Sharon Yarwood

Loose Lips

Loose lips sink ships… but cabbie Chrissie loves a chinwag with her fares.

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Coming of Age
Heather Clift

Here and Now

Jamie’s trashy boyfriend comes up with a solution to dealing once and for all with her overbearing mother.

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Adrienne Silcock

What Foxy Saw

Foxy witnesses a murder, but he can't come forward, not without ruining everything.

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Chris Ovenden

Closing The Loop

Life as a temporal assassin has its drawbacks, especially when you decide it’s time to get out…

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