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Category: Crime/Detective

Ed Ahern

Sunset Cruise

The second vodka martini went down before it could dilute. Alcohol washed over Larry’s ulcers and the cramping subsided. The bartender hovered near him. “Not

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Rosemary Johnson

The Lorry Driver’s Book Club

I don’t want to talk about Ellie.  Here we are, Jez, Frank and I, sitting around our usual table in Des’s Café.  We’ve just had lunch, Des’s

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Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner

Good Tidings

Timothy ignores his daughter when she says she has witnessed a murder, as she can't tell the truth about anything.

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Nicholas John

Out To Lunch

Alex takes his Dad out to lunch, only to realise that finally, the old man’s already there.

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David DeGusta

There Were Russians

Cody, a bank security guard in a Texas border town, gets the chance to earn an easy five grand. What could possibly go wrong?

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Frank Morelli

The Way Things Were

Finding a long-lost elderly relative in Italy changes everything for Marco, but his girlfriend wants things back to the way they were.

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Cathy Adams

Learning Auto Repair

Benny and his elderly mother break down on the highway, but it's fine; the guy who rescues them seems friendly

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