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Category: Magical Realism

Coming of Age
Tim Hanson

The Touch

John inherits The Touch from his grandfather. 'Don't abuse it like I did, kid.'

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Josh Rank

The Tooth Fairy

Jonathan is babysitting little livewire Billy Silverton, just so he can take Rachel to the homecoming dance. He didn't bank on being the Tooth Fairy.

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Magical Realism
Lucian Carter


Anna's husband gives her the devil of a surprise on their tenth wedding anniversary.

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Kryspin Parys

The Very End

At a pub quiz with their neighbours one minute, then suddenly wandering hand in hand in summer countryside.  Fiona and Donald are having an odd day.

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Kate Franklin

Ursa Mater

Janet reads an extract of her story, 'Ursa Mater' to her academic feminist writing group, who can't get their heads around the simplicity of the tale.

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