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Category: Horror

Simon McHardy

The Lullaby

Susan Hasting sits on her porch sipping a cold G&T watching her daughter play in an overgrown field. She nods off, and the little girl disappears.

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Alex Rezdan


The gang who buried Richard Jackson alive a hundred years ago are long dead. But Richard's back and will make someone pay…

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Cathy Adams

Learning Auto Repair

Benny and his elderly mother break down on the highway, but it's fine; the guy who rescues them seems friendly

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Graham Hubbard


Katie sees a nurse about her condition, which is neither acute nor serious, and is nothing to worry about.

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Nicky Catton

Long Shadows

Post uni exams, Kate is chilling out in front of the telly, when she gets the feeling that perhaps she isn't alone in the house after all.

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Miriam A Averna

End Trails

A girl is persuaded to do a 5k zombie race by her friend Gemma… are Gemma's motives entirely pure?

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John Bowyer

From The School House Window

Lottie lives alone in the school with the ever watchful teacher. The other children have gone home, says the teacher, because they have mothers and fathers who love them, and she, Lotties does not.

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Danielle Bordelon


Chris stops on a bridge when he sees a man about to jump.  Can he be stopped?  He's determined to achieve his objective.

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