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Short Stories


One morning, the respected author, Felix Prood, woke to find he’d changed into one of his characters. He’d invested two years of his life on his latest novel and all he had was 40,000 words of tripe.

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Her earliest childhood memory, she said, was that of being awakened by her father in the dark of night, his voice all gravelly and redolent of cigarettes and beer, holding a candle in his right hand

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The Boat

Nathan rings the bell, he doesn’t like to use his key. His dad opens the door and Nathan goes to hug him, but it’s too late and his dad’s already kicking shoes and unopened post away

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‘It’s true! It’s true! It’s the Law!’ said Frank, jabbing his finger in the air towards Kenny. ‘If the trapdoor fails three times, they have to let you go.’  He used the finger to emphasise ‘have’,

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