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Short Stories


After midnight again. Christian Blake locked the big glass door behind him and glanced up at the night sky. Stars sprinkled thick as salt on an Einstein bagel and a moon like a big round hole

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Sunset Cruise

The second vodka martini went down before it could dilute. Alcohol washed over Larry’s ulcers and the cramping subsided. The bartender hovered near him. “Not many people order martinis on the rocks anymore. Another?” “I’m old

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Cover photo Dirty Boy

Dirty Boy

Kyle Tomley was an awkward character and always had been.  Not necessarily on any spectrum, or having any disability; just not quite right. His mum called him her special little soldier, yet he was as far from the

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Cover photo Charlotte


Friday 17th It was the smell that got people’s attention. Subtle at first but intensifying over time, it ruthlessly shouldered aside the usual odors of cooking, pets and marijuana. Complaining tenants called up the building superintendent,

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The Lorry Driver’s Book Club

I don’t want to talk about Ellie.  Here we are, Jez, Frank and I, sitting around our usual table in Des’s Café.  We’ve just had lunch, Des’s chips and cheese, the best on the road, and we’re lounging

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It was raining again. After weeks of persistent downpours, clouds continued to hang low over the town, blotting out the surrounding hills in clammy swirls of fog. As John looked out from his lounge window that

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