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Recent short stories

Paul Negri

The Embers of Desire

Romero writes thrilling romances using the nom de plume Charlotte Chatsworth. Why can't his own love life be a bit more successful?

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Matthew Twigg

A Thing Set Apart

Arthur Pasquier rents an isolated house as he needs peace to write. The isolation does strange things to him, his fiancé and their child.

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Damien Galeone

The Doll

On a camping trip, two kids try to get rid of a creepy Cindy doll, but it keeps coming back.

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Ken Frape

The Victorian Puddle

'Victorian Puddle, circa 1853. £250' reads the sign in the bric-a-brac shop. Henry finds he can't resist it.

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Bruce Costello

Only Human

A doctor is surprised when his patient wholeheartedly accepts his terminal diagnosis.

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