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Category: Thriller/Suspense

Damien Galeone

The Doll

On a camping trip, two kids try to get rid of a creepy Cindy doll, but it keeps coming back.

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Coming of Age
TWG Fraser

The Carp Pond

The civil war is pretty distant to this child. Then it arrives on her doorstep, and she has to fight to the death to survive.

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Miriam A Averna

End Trails

A girl is persuaded to do a 5k zombie race by her friend Gemma… are Gemma's motives entirely pure?

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Danielle Bordelon


Chris stops on a bridge when he sees a man about to jump.  Can he be stopped?  He's determined to achieve his objective.

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Geoff Nelder

Voyage of the Silents

On a still night off the Maltese coast, Erica's catamaran hits a shipping container, from which she hears an eerie knocking.

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Lee Wykes


A lifelong friendship between two chess grandmasters goes wrong.

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