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Category: Satire

Black Humour
Pete Pitman


One morning, the respected author, Felix Prood, woke to find he’d changed into one of his characters. He’d invested two years of his life on his

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Bruce Costello

Sex in Cyburbia

Dating has always been a fraught process, but now all you need is a computer to conjure up the perfect woman.

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Charlotte Edwards

Hairy Mann

A small hairy creature is found in the Black Forest. Is it the Missing Link?

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Peter d'Aguilar

For Art’s Sake

Art dealer Anne Marie is obliged to visit a rural art exhibition where everything on display is utter trash.  Then she spots a beautifully executed line drawing of a girl, and she has to have it.

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Magical Realism
Eric Brown

Reductio ad Absurdum

The President of the US of A finds a magic lamp with a genie inside it.  Like all genies, it will do whatever he wants.

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