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Category: Romance

Black Humour
Giles Selig


Her earliest childhood memory, she said, was that of being awakened by her father in the dark of night, his voice all gravelly and redolent

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Steve Slavin

Fortune Cookies

Linda and Garret, friends without benefits, enjoy catching up over Chinese food. The fortune cookies are the best part.

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J. Edward Kruft

Hello, Tom

After 15 years away from his home town, a man goes home to his dying mother… and to his first love

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Lloyd Raleigh

The Last Dawa

Karamchand, the last man of the foot-post, has to wait until fate deems it time for him to find a new love.

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Hannah Spencer

Whispers in the Walls

After a bitter divorce, Chloe goes to live at Heron's Roost, and finds a way to a new future through the past.

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