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Category: Coming of Age

Joel Stewart

After Dark

Divorcing Dad Michael takes his son Ethan for an unauthorised camping trip, where they have a terrifying encounter with… they don't know what.

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Coming of Age
Rasmenia Massoud

Melody’s Fire

If you asked Melody why she burnt down her stepfather's camper van, she'd tell you. But no one asks.  Ever.

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Coming of Age
Gregory Heath

The Actress

A boy of twelve helps a beautiful wreck of a woman find her car and he finds himself unable to forget her.

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Coming of Age
TWG Fraser

The Carp Pond

The civil war is pretty distant to this child. Then it arrives on her doorstep, and she has to fight to the death to survive.

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Coming of Age
Kyle Hemmings


A misfit teenage boy recognises that his uncle sees something in him of himself.  A longing to disappear.

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Coming of Age
Peter Lingard


13 year old Eric is desperate to be seduced by his neighbour, the sexy Mrs. Nye.

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Coming of Age
Quentin Marrou


A sheltered schoolgirl walks past a tattoo parlour every day. It repulses her, but…

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