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Category: Ghost

Alex Rezdan


The gang who buried Richard Jackson alive a hundred years ago are long dead. But Richard's back and will make someone pay…

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GL Sheridan

Who’s A Pretty Boy, Then?

Dermot's packed off to buy sausages by his bossy wife, who is obsessed with her ridiculous parrot. He has no idea just how close he will get to the stupid bird.

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Hannah Spencer

Whispers in the Walls

After a bitter divorce, Chloe goes to live at Heron's Roost, and finds a way to a new future through the past.

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John Bowyer

From The School House Window

Lottie lives alone in the school with the ever watchful teacher. The other children have gone home, says the teacher, because they have mothers and fathers who love them, and she, Lotties does not.

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Roger Silverwood

The Tollington Ghost

Holmes and Watson are invited to investigate the death of Mr. Wellington Pinchbeck, at the hands of the… Tollington Ghost!

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Geoff Nelder

Voyage of the Silents

On a still night off the Maltese coast, Erica's catamaran hits a shipping container, from which she hears an eerie knocking.

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