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Category: Dystopia

Alison Allen


It was raining again. After weeks of persistent downpours, clouds continued to hang low over the town, blotting out the surrounding hills in clammy swirls

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Ula Klein

Home On The Range

Two sisters are determined to survive in a bleak post-apocalyptic America, doing anything to avoid The Diseased.

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Sanjay Bheenuck


Bantam is attacked by a cassowary and the patient in the next hospital bed spontaneously combusts after telling him about 'The Threads'.

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Tom Clues

The Fall

5,000 years post the apocalypse, two robots stroll the empty earth and find some remains which could prove useful.

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Eric Brown

Running the Asylum

Marvin volunteers to be a target for the gun lobby.  Survival means a cool 50 big ones.  The alternative is obvious, but he's got nothing to lose.

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Charlotte Edwards


The last natural bee is on its last legs, but it's fine, coz there's a new range of robo bees.  Real cool little dudes.

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