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Category: Action/Adventure

Bob Beach


After midnight again. Christian Blake locked the big glass door behind him and glanced up at the night sky. Stars sprinkled thick as salt on

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David DeGusta

There Were Russians

Cody, a bank security guard in a Texas border town, gets the chance to earn an easy five grand. What could possibly go wrong?

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Ula Klein

Home On The Range

Two sisters are determined to survive in a bleak post-apocalyptic America, doing anything to avoid The Diseased.

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Joel Stewart

After Dark

Divorcing Dad Michael takes his son Ethan for an unauthorised camping trip, where they have a terrifying encounter with… they don't know what.

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Jack Beimler

The Void

A man abandons ship for a deserted island and begins compulsively digging.  But for what?

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Eric Brown

Running the Asylum

Marvin volunteers to be a target for the gun lobby.  Survival means a cool 50 big ones.  The alternative is obvious, but he's got nothing to lose.

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