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Category: Animal

Judith Pratt

Mr Duck

The duck followed me home. Not a dog. Not a cat. A duck. I heard him before I saw him, a cheerful “pwuk wuk wuk

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Ginny Davis

Near Chania

On holiday, an Englishwoman saves a dog from its cruel Greek owner. But at what cost?

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Simon McHardy

The Lullaby

Susan Hasting sits on her porch sipping a cold G&T watching her daughter play in an overgrown field. She nods off, and the little girl disappears.

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Mari Ellis Dunning


The kids have seen the demand letters. They know the truth about their 'camping holiday'.

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Hermine Robinson

Storm Warning

A storm's coming, but Kelli has to get dog food… and beer.  God help her if Darrell runs out.

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GL Sheridan

Who’s A Pretty Boy, Then?

Dermot's packed off to buy sausages by his bossy wife, who is obsessed with her ridiculous parrot. He has no idea just how close he will get to the stupid bird.

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Kate Franklin

Ursa Mater

Janet reads an extract of her story, 'Ursa Mater' to her academic feminist writing group, who can't get their heads around the simplicity of the tale.

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