My Blue Period

I get into football in the months after Rick left me. A single mum with two boys, I’m glad for something we can do together. We sit cuddled up together on the settee, watching Match of the Day. I know it’s late for them, but we’re not sleeping, any of us. As ten o’clock waxes […]


Mr Duck

The duck followed me home. Not a dog. Not a cat. A duck. I heard him before I saw him, a cheerful “pwuk wuk wuk wuk?” behind me on the country road. I’d begun to take a walk every evening after work. Otherwise, I’d sit and brood about my job and eat too many cookies. […]



After midnight again. Christian Blake locked the big glass door behind him and glanced up at the night sky. Stars sprinkled thick as salt on an Einstein bagel and a moon like a big round hole punched in the sky. No rain for a change. Every night this week he’d had to work late. He […]