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Category: Mystery

Matthew Twigg

A Thing Set Apart

Arthur Pasquier rents an isolated house as he needs peace to write. The isolation does strange things to him, his fiancé and their child.

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Martyn Clayton

There In Spirit

Grieving for her dead boyfriend, Laura finds strange photos of him with a mystery woman at Clootie Well.

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Edward McDermott

Back from the Grave

A PI is hired by an insurance giant to prove that a dead man is still alive. Something's off, but what?

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Kyle Hemmings

Shady Gray Hospital

A man is allowed to work at a hospital to settle his medical bills.  That's kind of the Director, isn't it?

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Jack Beimler

The Void

A man abandons ship for a deserted island and begins compulsively digging.  But for what?

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Sinead McCabe

Doing Time

Three months until release, but Time stretches in horrible ways for Marie, who feels herself watched.

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Eilidh Nisbet

The Cauldron

A Canadian hiker stumbles upon the remains of an old Scottish village, and meets a woman, a lost soul who can only speak Gaelic.

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