11th March 2021

Welcome to fictionjunkies! The site is finally ready – it took three months of hard graft to migrate everything from pennyshorts.com. Thanks to Hector for all his help – if anyone needs help with WordPress, I can highly recommend him.

It has taken many (very enjoyable!) hours of trawling through the likes of unsplash and pixabay, but each story now has a picture to go with it.

pennyshorts was originally set up with a host of complicated e-commerce code as we charged for the stories and gave story bundles as discounts – none of that is needed now, and the new site is clean and mean and easy to navigate. It’s also dead easy to add a new story. Previously it was such a torturous process that every time I received a submission, I half hoped it would be rubbish so I could reject it and save myself the trouble.

Does anyone know how to mass email all authors their usernames and passwords so they can manage their pages and use the blog?. I could email all 198 individually, but there’s got to be an easier way. I’ll ask Hector…